How to use a chastity cage (on you or your sub)from JEUSN BRAND STORE

How to use a chastity cage (on you or your sub)from JEUSN BRAND STORE
Using a chastity cage, whether on yourself or on a submissive partner, is a practice often associated with BDSM and consensual power dynamics. Here is a guide on how to use a chastity cage responsibly and safely:

**1. Choose the Right Chastity Cage:**
- Select a chastity cage that fits comfortably and securely. These cages come in various materials, such as metal, silicone, or plastic, and different designs. Ensure it is appropriate for your body type.

**2. Communicate and Establish Boundaries:**
- Communication is essential in BDSM and any consensual kink activities. Discuss your desires, limits, and boundaries with your partner if you're using it on a submissive, or with your partner if you're the one being caged.
- Agree on a safe word or gesture that allows the submissive to communicate discomfort or the need to be released if necessary.

**3. Hygiene:**
- Before using the chastity cage, ensure it is clean and sanitized. Clean it thoroughly before and after each use to prevent infections.
- Maintain good personal hygiene to reduce the risk of skin irritations or infections.

**4. Lubrication:**
- Apply a water-based lubricant to the inside of the cage for easier insertion and to reduce discomfort or chafing.

**5. Application on Yourself (Dominant):**
- Carefully place your flaccid penis into the cage, ensuring it is properly aligned with the urethral hole and that the testicles are comfortably situated.
- Secure the cage in place using the provided lock or closure mechanism.
- Ensure it's tight enough to prevent removal but not so tight as to cause pain or restrict blood flow. There should be enough space for some movement to avoid injury.

**6. Application on Your Submissive (if you are the Dominant):**
- Have your submissive kneel or lie down comfortably.
- Gently and carefully place the submissive's flaccid penis into the cage, aligning it with the urethral hole and ensuring comfort.
- Secure the cage in place, locking it according to your agreed-upon rules.

**7. Monitoring and Maintenance:**
- Regularly check the chastity cage to ensure there is no discomfort, chafing, or irritation.
- The submissive should communicate any discomfort or problems immediately to the Dominant.

**8. Release and Aftercare:**
- Follow your pre-established rules for release. Typically, only the Dominant has the key.
- After removing the chastity cage, engage in aftercare, which may include soothing the skin, cuddling, or discussing the experience.

**9. Consensual and Safe Practices:**
- Always prioritize the safety, comfort, and consent of all parties involved.
- Maintain open and honest communication throughout the experience.
- Never engage in any activities without mutual consent.

Remember that chastity play is a consensual kink activity that should be safe, respectful, and enjoyable for all participants. It's crucial to continually assess and respect each other's boundaries and to prioritize safety and communication.


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